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10 Ways to Save Money as a Dog Parent

10 Ways to Save Money as a Dog Parent

They say the warmest hug in the world is that of your furry friend – well, we couldn’t agree more. Your heart would fill up with love when you watch your dog, all excited, wagging its tail at you as soon as you enter your home. It’s this bond that urges us to give our dogs the best life that’s possible.

But, if you want to give your puppy a fancy lifestyle, keeping up with the expenses may take a toll on you. Although, there may be ways for you to save money as a dog parent. We’ve collated ten super tips for ‘pawrents’ to save money without compromising the health and wellbeing of your good boy/girl! Read on to learn more.

Ten super tips to save money as a dog parent

The upkeep of your fluffy bud can sometimes feel like an incessant task – and expensive too! But you can always find ways to cut down on these expenses – you just need to know where to look. Here are ten ways to slash petting costs for your dog:

  • Find alternatives to pet stuff: Pet companies are well aware of how sensitive pet parents can be to their dog’s needs. So, they attract pet parents and drive up their sales with clever marketing tactics. For instance, most dog food brands contain the same ingredients, so you may be better off swapping brands with budget items. Moreover, instead of buying a water/food pot for your dog merely because it has puppy ears inscribed on it, why not use the steel mixing bowl that you already have at home? These are little thoughts that could potentially save you heaps of money!
  • Look out for ‘slightly-used petting items: You can’t make your pet like a toy, bed or pet-house. If you spent your savings buying cute toys or pillows for your pet and find that they lay unused, you could always trade or re-sell these items through newspaper classifieds or online portals. You’d find several pet owners looking for ‘barely-used items for their dogs to play with. But, remember to sanitize or wash these items before letting your dog(s) play with them.
  • Switch to DIY toys for your dog: The world is a toy for dogs – they are animated creatures, so to speak. Most pups play with chewy toys when they’re in the teething phase, and they get over it once they pass this phase. Get on Pinterest or Etsy and look for some DIY toy-making ideas. For instance, roll two unused socks together into a frozen knot to make a ball or braid your old t-shorts to make a toss-able chew toy.
  • Don’t compromise on vet care: This may seem contradictory, but maintaining your dog’s health can actually save you money in the long run. Even if you’re up-to-date on vaccinations, it is best to keep up regular visits with the vet. This will help them identify and treat any developing problems and advise you on preventing related diseases. Thus, not only does keeping your dog healthy and addressing medical issues ensure their wellbeing, but it also saves you the expense of a complicated treatment. You can also use a no guarantor loan to help you cover bills.
  • Check out for discounts on pet food: This age-old trick proves beneficial for us humans too – bulk buy non-perishable goods at a discount. Both small stores and grocery giants run discounts on dog food now and then. Take advantage of the price drop and bulk buy food items that have a longer shelf-life.
  • Check online prices before purchasing something: Many of your favourite dog products are also available online. Check if there’s an upcoming sale on e-commerce platforms where you can bag a discounted deal on pet items. Plus, you could get points or extra discounts on ordering in bulk.
  • Set aside an emergency fund for unplanned vet expenses: We cannot emphasize the importance of an emergency fund enough. An emergency fund helps you stay financially prepared for any unanticipated events that could disturb your financial balance. If you haven’t already, set aside a small amount each month to build an emergency savings pot for yourself and your pet. Think ahead and create a safety net for the ones you love the most.
  • Try making dog treats at home: Pet treats are often expensive, regardless of the brand. But they’re pretty easy to make at home if you have the time and recipes to whip up something nice. Some everyday, easy-to-make dog treats include dehydrated liver, chicken, sweet potato or peanut butter. You could use a food dehydrator to increase the shelf-life of these items (except for peanut butter). And the best part is that the freshness of the food stays preserved!
  • Get your pet insured: With every hug, you ‘pawmise’ your pooch a healthy and secure life – pet insurance helps you fulfil this promise. But you don’t have to grab the first deal you get – compare insurance offers online and find a deal with the best cover but lower instalments.
  • Sign yourself up for loyalty programs and freebies: Cashbacks, freebies, vouchers and loyalty programs are great ways to save on bills. The next time you see a ‘try me for free’ item while cashing out, don’t shy away from grabbing one. Plus, many of your favourite brands run loyalty programs or provide store card facilities for customers. These reward points could potentially cut your bill by 20-25%.


There are no conditions when you love your pet, but it doesn’t have to break your bank. Click here to know how can you use a short term loan to cover emergencies. Follow these tips to save some money as a pet parent without compromising your dog’s wellbeing.

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