Financial Planning for the Self-Employed

Financial Planning for the Self-Employed

COVID-19 has created an inexorable loop of financial chaos that feels like it’s causing economic turmoil. This sudden economic downturn is affecting all countries. The UK government encourages banks to loan large amounts of money. The problem is that not many people are able to access these loans. Lending institutions have also tightened their lending […]

What is a Self-employed Loan and How it Works?

An increasing number of people are choosing to work on their own rather than working for someone. The millennial generation wants to break free from the usual and hectic 9 to 5 grind by creating employment for themselves. Starting or running your own business is pretty exciting and may bear results if everything goes as […]

Should you Avail a Personal Loan If you’re Self-employed?

Personal Loan If you’re Self-employed

Perpetual money flow is an important factor that will help you in achieving your financial goals in a smooth manner. In recent years, the rapid growth of self-employment has become a strong characteristic of the UK economy. From 3.3 million self-employed individuals in 2001, the number of self-employed has risen to 4.8 million in 2017. […]

5 Tips to Manage a Self-employed Loan

Self employed Loan

There is no harm in working for yourself as long as you are earning enough money. Being self-employed is equally overwhelming & stressful for every entrepreneur. You may find it hard to arrange finances for running the venture smoothly. In this era of competition, what we actually require is monetary help to support our plans. […]

How to Get Hassle Free Loans for Self Employed in UK?

Self Employed Loans

Being self-employed, offers a lot of benefits to your lifestyle. You get to work as per your ease. Be it time, commitment or returns, everything is flexible for self-employed people. You are your own boss. But sometimes, the convenience to work and earn hurts your credit options.  You ought to own a potent record of […]