10 Super Cost-effective Gardening Tips

10 Super Cost-effective Gardening Tips

The pandemic has changed the way we live and work – right from year-long WFHs to emergency lockdowns. The switch from fast-paced office life to a flexible WFH schedule hasn’t been easy to adapt to, and despite a home-bound schedule, the competitive spirit of the corporates soars high. But the biggest downside to the WFH […]

What Type of Loan is Best for Home Improvements?

short term home improvement loans

Renovating a home is an expensive affair. Some homeowners have the cash to pay for it up front, while a major portion of the homeowners does not have sufficient savings for an upfront payment. But the good news is, you do not need to have cash lying around for improving your home. You can opt […]

3 Innovative Ways to Renovate your Home this Christmas

Renovate your Home this Christmas

Every year we celebrate Christmas with great pomp and pleasure. We start prepping up months in advance so that we are prepared for the festivity on the date. However, we neglect the basic demands that our homes have and we simply focus on the aesthetics so that our home looks festive-ready. This holiday season, give […]

5 Home Improvements That Can Add Value To Your Property

Home Improvement Loan

The space that we inhabit is one of the most essential components of our lives – and timely renovations spruce up our place along with the overall property price. In addition to that, we often need to create extra storage area or sometimes, we feel that our whole house needs a splash of colour to […]

How to Raise Money for Home Improvements in the UK?

Home Improvement Loans

Many homeowners in the UK prefer improving their homes than moving into a new one. Reason for this is high house prices and the overall shortage in property supply. It can increase the value of the estate with over 10%, depending on their nature. Regardless of whatever home renovations you are planning for, arranging funds for […]

Why Should You Use a Personal Loan for Home Improvement?

Personal Loan for Home Improvement

Want to upscale your home, but do not have adequate funds in hand? Getting a loan for home improvement can help you fund necessary makeovers and renovations. Find out in this blog- how getting home improvements done with a loan can help your house. Our home is the true reflection of us and our interests. […]

What You Don’t Know About Home Improvement Loans: Revealed

Home Improvement Loans

If you own a home, chances are at some point you’ll require a new roof, a new driveway, or a remodeling of the kitchen. Modifications are necessary every once in a while. It upscales your property and makes your abode more personalized. So, if you don’t have enough money to front such improvements, loans can […]

Home Improvement Loans for Transformation & Renovation

home improvement loans

One type of loan we’re contacted about a lot about here at Loan Broker is the home improvement loan. You might be interested in getting a new bathroom, a new kitchen installation, a new boiler, an improved central heating system, a garden make-over, new double glazing, an extension, knocking through rooms, fitting solar panels, getting […]

Tips for Financing Home Improvement with a Bad Credit

                   “Money can’t buy happiness but is more comfortable to cry in a car than in a bicycle.” Deficit of money can restrict us to conduct our day-to-day life smoothly. Though money can’t buy happiness, it can give us a better life to survive. And one of […]

Prep up Your Home for this Summer

Summers are always admired by the English as it brings joy and love in our life.A little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about. Summer does not only mean heat it brings with its brightness and warmth in our lives. We enjoy spending time outdoors or on a beach. Heat, Hornets, […]