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Prep up Your Home for this Summer

Summers are always admired by the English as it brings joy and love in our life.A little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about. Summer does not only mean heat it brings with its brightness and warmth in our lives. We enjoy spending time outdoors or on a beach. Heat, Hornets, and bad weather may stand as a hurdle. Summer is still months to come, but a beforehand preparation always works as an advantage for us.

“There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home.”

Preparing our home for summers important, as our house demands some accessorizing. AC, fans, cold-water dispenser etc.remain out of use for a long time during the year. Bushes and plants remain uncut and their growth often doesn’t look pleasant. Although we have a few more months for summer, it’s better to be summer-ready beforehand. It’s high time now to start planning and getting things organized to enjoy the summer of 2019. Get your home into tip-top shape before it arrives. It’s better to start working during the spring for your garden to welcome summer with a picturesque arrangement of it. As days get longer and temperatures get milder, preserving and painting fences and wooden garden structures will be an attractive option. Plan and execute before the season hits as you will be relieved of sweating it out under the sun. Here are some tips for you to make your home comfortable and cost-effective this summer:

At first, let us discuss the improvement that can be done inside the house:

  • Air-conditioning service

It’s time now that you make sure that your air-conditioning system is working perfectly. Save yourself before the weather gets unbearable. Before you find a broken air-conditioning unit on a summer day, get it checked. Change the filter in every three months and cleanse drain lines with a cup of bleach and also ensure that the outdoor unit has room to breathe.

  • Change the ceiling fan direction

Your ceiling fan has a switch to change the direction depending on the different seasons. Switch it to spin in counter-clockwise in summer, at higher speeds, pushing air down rather up. This will help in proper ventilation.

  • Clean theappliances

It’s quite a hard task to clean the appliances every day but ignoring them may result in servicing and may demand repair as well. Summer is the best time for the breeding of insects. You may find your home infested with insects if not kept clean. So, before it becomes a home for bacteria and viruses or other insects, clean these areas and keep your home properly sealed. Maintaining cleanliness will help you maintain a hygienic life.

  • Clean dryer vents

Your dryer needs to be cleaned when the vent is clogged with lint. When you will find your clothes coming out mushy and damp, it means the dryer need to be cleaned. If not done, along with wasting energy it may pose a significant fire risk.

The processto clean it inthe right way:

  • Purchase event-cleaning kit.
  • Its flexible rod and brush attach to drill and the bill will extract a puppy-sized mass of lint in no time.
  • Or else, contact a cleaner to offer you servicing.
  • Re-pot houseplants

Clean or re-stain your deck or patio. Remove dry and deadplants or unwanted weeds and replace it with freshones. In the springtime when plants grow actively,replace the potting mix with a new fertile pot mix. Movethese plants in shades if the leaves turn pale due to the direct heat from the sun.

Some outdoor improvementscan be done in the following ways:

  • Patch your lawn

To start sowing grass seeds after a long time you need to clean the weeds that grew in that long gap. Once weeds are removed, grass will grow quickly, keeping the ground irrigated for the first week or two.

  • Clean hornet nests

Clean hornet nests before they form a large colony. Insects like yellow jackets, paper wasps, hornets are active during summers. You can also contact a professional to clean the area before it’s too messy.

  • Keep your mow ready

Before the summer mowing season arrives, bring out your mowing tools from hibernation to give your mower and other lawn equipment some TLC (Tender, Love and Care). Replace air filters, change the oil, sharpen blades and also give it a good cleaning. With these steps, your lawnmower will be ready to go for a lawn trip.

  • Dress-up your outdoor

Summer calls up for an invitation to spend timeoutdoors. Thus, spiff up your outdoor living spaces for maximum function and comfort. Deck up the spaces with furniture and plants to spend your time in the warm and sunny days with families and friends, and most important amidst greenery. Hence, focus on planting greens around you.

  • Clean the grill

Ideally,a grill is to be cleaned every time you use them. But you can start using them after a good clean to prevent flare-ups and cooking fires. You can clean them using a grill brush, nozzle, and wet rag. As the grilling season approaches, it is better to stock up charcoal and get all your tools ready beforehand.

Our home gives us a shelter to save us from natural calamities during all the seasons. Thus, it’s a responsibility to take care of the place where we stay. Sometimes even after an emergency, we cannot proceed to prepare ourselves during the seasonal changes due to lack of funds. You can always opt for Instant Homeowner Loans to avail short funds to upgrade your home. Explore all the available options of loans before choosing a final one.

Loan Broker is an FCA regulated loan broker operating in the UK and offers Homeowner Loans. Click here to apply.

“I almost wish we were butterflies and liv’d but three summer days- three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could never contain.” _Bright Stars: Love Letters and Poems by John Keats

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