How you can get a loan with bad credit.

Having a poor credit rating will inevitably make getting a loan rather difficult for you. You’ll find it more difficult to get an affordable interest rate. However, we at Loan Brokers UK are specialists in bad credit loans and can help you get a reasonable loan rate with a manageable interest rate. What to do? […]

How to Find Bad Credit Loans with No Guarantor

Bad Credit Loans with No Guarantor

Do you need money in a hurry but you are afraid that blips in your credit history will bar any company from taking any application you make seriously? A lot of people in need of emergency financial help are scared of this very thing but the good news is that there is actually no need […]

How to find a loan with a bad credit history

Doesn’t it seem sometimes that the people who need money the least find it the easiest to get their hands on? The reason some people find it harder than others is because they have a bad credit history and your credit history is important to lenders.  In this article, Loan Broker looks at: what is […]

You don’t need a guarantor to get a bad credit loan

For many borrowers, finding a loan provider who will give you a good deal on a short-term loan with bad credit and no guarantor can be difficult. If you’re unsure about what any of this means, don’t worry – the LoanBroker team is here to help. In this article, we will explain what bad credit […]

Are no credit check loans a myth?

There are a number of loan companies on the market that advertise ‘no credit check loans’ for people with poor credit who may struggle to be accepted for finance elsewhere. But are there really such things as ‘no credit check loans’? In this article, Loan Broker looks at… What is a credit check? Who puts […]

Are All Bad Credit Loans Considered As No Guarantor Loans?

 When an emergency strikes and you need money fast, many people turn to short term loans to cover the bill they need to pay and they spread their repayments into manageable instalments. But when you have poor credit and no one to support your application as a guarantor, things can be a little more complicated. […]

9 Point Checklist to Avoid Online Bad Credit Loan Scams

Credit score is one of the key components to borrow loans. When you need loans despite bad credit rating, it entails high rate of interest or loan rejection altogether. However sometimes, you may urgently need additional loans either to stay afloat or to meet temporary cash hassles. In the last decade, there has been an […]

Know What It Takes To Improve Bad Credit Score

As we witness different seasons every year, we get ready for each season (summer, fall, winter and spring) as they turn around. Many folks even plan their holidays according to seasons. Likewise, you need to be prepared for good and bad financial decision all through your life. Be it accumulated debts or irregular credit history; […]

5 Questions to Ask before Availing a Small Bad Credit Loan

An FCA regulated loan broker can help you find an affordable funding source for your credit situation. Whether you need a quick loan for a small business or as an individual, a broker can introduce the available loans according to your credit repayment capacity. As brokers are not the sellers, the borrowers get complete freedom […]

Can I Borrow Home Improvement Loan With Bad Credit?

With rising inflation and sluggish job market, a lot of first time homeowners find it difficult to manage their repayments, barring essential home improvement expenses. If you too are finding it difficult to manage your home loan and home maintenance, you can consider contacting a professional loan advisor to locate the best funding deals available […]