What debt consolidation is and why you should do it.

“One major reason why our clients take out loans is to consolidate their multiple debts. One of the meanings of the word ‘consolidate’ is to take many things and combine them into a single thing. So in our situation, debt consolidation means to take out a debt to pay off your other debts. This means […]

9 Tips To Make Money With Recycling

Make Money With Recycling

Reducing and recycling is usually thought of in connection with minimizing carbon footprints and promoting sustainability. While switching to green living is a great way to do your bit for the environment, it is natural to want to save money in this noble pursuit. Going green is extremely practical, and that’s one of its best […]

10 Ways to Save Money as a Dog Parent

10 Ways to Save Money as a Dog Parent

They say the warmest hug in the world is that of your furry friend – well, we couldn’t agree more. Your heart would fill up with love when you watch your dog, all excited, wagging its tail at you as soon as you enter your home. It’s this bond that urges us to give our […]

6 QnAs to Help to Understand the Role of Financial Advisors

6 QnAs to Help to Understand the Role of Financial Advisors

The right financial advice can take you a long way. If you’re planning to invest, buy a financial product, or finding ways to manage your finances more effectively and plan for the longer term, investing in good financial advice at the right moment will help you reap benefits in the long run. A financial advisor […]

5 FAQs about Secured Homeowner Loans

Secured Homeowner Loans | Loan Broker | UK

Sometimes, a typical loan cannot fulfill your cash requirement, especially if you’re borrowing a large amount of money. In such cases, having a property can help you leverage the situation. Homeowner loans can help you get financial aid against your property. In this article, we’ll learn about homeowner loans and how you can capitalize on […]

9 Ways to Save Money for Christmas

Christmas Loan

£831 – that’s the average cost of Christmas for every British household, according to Centre for Retail Research. That £831 is spent on presents, food, drink, parties, decorations, and more. And, for most of us, it’s worth it because Christmas is a true highlight of the year as we get to relax with and reconnect with […]

5 Tips to Avoid Overspending This Black Friday

Avoid Overspending This Black Friday

We mark the dates for Black Friday and Cyber Monday as the most important ones in our shopping calendar, without fail every year. Most of us purchase the big-ticket items while other shops for Christmas. These two shopping days are quite popular because of the heavy discounts offered by retailers. All those advertisements on the […]

How to Get a Loan with No Upfront Fees

Loan with No Upfront Fees

It’s a core business belief of Loan Broker and our team here that no borrower should ever pay a fee to use our service. In fact, we believe that no-one should ever have to pay a fee to apply for a loan – after all, you pay interest on any loan you take out and […]

How interest rates are different from APRs

One of the reasons that we launched onto the market was that we always felt that the deck was stacked against the borrower. Complicated terms and conditions, opaque fees, hidden charges, and interest rates which never seemed to be the ones that were advertised on the website. The Loan Broker team is very clear about […]

5 Expensive Ways for Borrowing Money | Loan Broker UK

“Some debts are fun when you are acquiring them, but none are fun when you set about retiring them.”_Ogden Nash Amongst everything we need to survive, money also plays an essential role. We all need it to fulfill our basic requirements and that leads us to work for it. A person with no money can […]