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Travel Loans

Should I get a loan to travel? Is it okay to travel in debt?

To travel is to give yourself a break from the everyday chaotic life. It’s important for every individual to have a holiday which can help them calm their minds. Many times fund becomes the issue when you are planning to travel. We all are aware of the fact that in today’s time-traveling has become a bit expensive. People find it tough to manage their daily expenses and to take out money for travel from that becomes even more difficult. In scenarios like this travel, the loan can help you. You can opt for Short- term loans in order to fund your dream holiday as and when required. Since these loans are for short tenure they don’t become a burden on your monotonous expenses. Expenses such as transport, hotels can be easily covered by a short term loan. There are many queries in the minds of people when it comes to taking a loan for travel.

The first question that arrives in the minds of people is should they get a travel loan just to fund a holiday, will it be useful? In order to understand that you should know the benefits, a loan can provide you with along with the application procedure.

  • How is a Travel loan useful? Should I get a travel loan?

A travel loan is basically a way to fund the expenses of the holiday without disturbing your everyday expenses. It is there to help people who are short of funds to plan the holiday they always have desired for. One should always think twice when they are willing to apply for a loan as it is ultimately a debt. In a case when you have to make some immediate expenses regarding your holiday you can opt for a loan. A travel loan can be used for transport, hotels as this will leave you with more money to spend while you are on your holiday.

Benefits of holiday loans include: 

  1. It is inexpensive and easy to apply for. The interest rates are generally low when it comes to travel loans making it a good way to fund holiday expenses.
  2. The credit score isn’t an issue as there are many lenders who are willing to provide travel loans even at not so good credit score. Timely repayment may also improve your credit score. Also, Bad credit short term loans are provided by various institutions in the UK.
  3. Flexible spending can be incurred when you take a travel loan.
  • Is it okay to travel in debt?

Is it fine to travel in debt is a question that arises in the minds of the people; a debt is considered a burden as it has a pressure of repayment. Analyzing the benefits of travel loans stated above it can be said that it is fine to travel in debt if you are aware of your expenses and budget. A loan broker, you can get to compare various lenders suiting your preferences to borrow money from. The interest rates are generally low on these loans but it can vary from lender to lender. These loans are for short tenures and hence don’t harm your finances.  One must always consider how much amount they want to borrow as this will be easier when they have to repay. Money is never enough and if you don’t spend it wisely it can become an issue. Short- term loans for travel are the best way to advance money for your travel plans. Just be aware of the fact that you have to pay it on time to avoid inconvenience for yourself.

  • How Brexit will affect your travel plans stated as per EU

Most likely the plans and bookings made in advance won’t get affected when the Brexit takes place as for now. There will be many changes major and minor after the Brexit and this can for sure affect your travel plans once the policies are changed. As stated by the EU even if there is a no-deal Brexit the airports will be open for all for a period of 12 months in order to provide time to manage advance travel bookings. Since there is a delay in Brexit people are free to travel for now. According to the current scenario, it is possible to travel freely for this year. The association of British travel agents has stated that people who have booked there travel with UK-based companies will have the best consumer protection. Since there is still a lot of confusion on how will Britain leave with the deal or without the deal, but there is a surety that there will be an extended period till 2020 where the flights will operate in the usual manner.

There can be two possible scenarios after BREXIT : 

  1. A Brexit deal situation – Even if Britain leaves with a deal then also people will be able to travel freely till 2020 with their respective passports and identity. As per the EU people will be provided with time to avoid any loss on their advance travel bookings to Europe this summer.
  2. A no-deal situation – In case if Britain leaves without any deal then as per the EU people who are willing to stay in Europe for less than 90 days won’t need any visa. If you are planning a longer stay you may have to apply for a visa in advance.

The government is trying its best to safeguard the interest of people and in preventing the loss of advance travel bookings.


A travel loan is the best way possible to plan your dream holiday without disturbing your daily expenses. Seeking a travel loan for holiday is not a debt that will burden you. If you analyze all the facts before applying for it then a travel loan will be very useful for you. Although due to Brexit there are some questions in the minds of people. As per EU, you are free to travel till 2020 whether there is a deal or no deal at all.


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