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Home Improvement Loans to Bring Life to Your Dream House

Are you planning to improve the interiors of your home? With a bad credit score, arranging funds for home improvement can be a problem for some. However, with Loan Broker by your side, there is absolutely no reason to worry. We can help you avail practical deals on home improvement loans from a panel of regulated lenders. With Loan broker, you can rest assured of availing home improvement loans to redesign or decorate your home, within your budget. We understand the absolute emotional attachment you have with your home. Moreover, the renovation could be expensive. We find tailor-made home renovation loans from a pool of reliable lenders. Our sole intention is to assist you to get the most realistic offers on these loans.

Approval to Tailor-made Loans for Home Improvement

Loan Broker, is an intermediary, to help you avail the most practical deal on loans for home improvement. We abide by all the FCA guidelines and work with reliable lenders based in the UK. This strong network helps us in assisting you to find home improvement financing at competitive terms. There are no upfront charges and we will ensure that your loan application goes to a legitimate lender. You can trust us for tailor-made home improvement loans to enhance the interiors of your living spaces. If we and the lenders you have all the necessary details that are required, approval of loan will not take much time. Before choosing a lender, please go through the Terms & Conditions of the lender.

Avail Bad Credit Home Improvement Loans

At Loan Broker, we believe in easing the borrowing hurdles. Irrespective of the credit history and the financial background, you have an opportunity to apply for the loans with us. We work with a large panel of lenders, which means your bad credit history may get accepted by a few lenders who will be willing to give you a loan. You can avail practical deals through us.We conduct a soft credit check before sending your loan application to the lenders,according to FCA guidelines. On repaying the amount borrowed, your credit rating will improve. At the end of the day, it is your home that matters and by making an honest attempt to assist you in this endeavour, we try to form a relationship that is mutually beneficial for both of us. Feel free to reach us anytime if you have queries related to our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Home Improvement Loans

Broker, we can help you avail loans for home repair, for small house fixes to extensive remodelling. If you have a bad credit and you do not have adequate funds for house remodelling, home improvement loans may help you get out of the situation. We will help you in finding a lender so that you get an access to the required funds for (and not limited to) any of the following projects:

  • Home extension
  • Remodelling kitchen
  • Converting loft to a room
  • Refurbish, paint or decorate interiors
  • Garden makeover

You can avail home repair loans for any of the projects mentioned above. We offer a fair choice to apply for an unsecured loan for the purpose.
Unsecured home improvement loan does not involve the risk of losing collateral because there is no need for loan security. A lender disburses only a small amount with high-interest rates as compared to secured loans.
According to your credit situation, you should zero on to the one, which is  best-suited loan for your home refurbishing purpose. You should always try to avail competitive home improvement loan rates.

People largely choose home improvement loan options either to make it a better place to live in or to increase its value. However, before you raise the loan you should weigh down both the pros and cons related to the decision.  A thorough analysis will help you in knowing the major deciding factors for a loan.

1. Easy access to the required funds
Sometimes home extension becomes a necessity. Nevertheless, you need an adequate amount of fund to materialise the plans. When you do not have enough funds in your bank account, you can go for short-term loans for home improvement.

2. Tailor-made loans with affordable instalments
You can contact Loan Broker to search for a short-term home repair loan with easy instalments. Our team would assess your credit situation and ask you about your requirements in detail. Questions such as whether you seek an unsecured loan, what should be the loan duration, how much you can afford for repayment, etc. We will ensure that you get the loan deal according to your requirements.

3. Credit improvement

With easy repayment plans, you can repay the loan every month successfully and that too without disturbing your regular budget. With the repayment of the loan, you will also have a chance to improve your credit score and credit worth (loan eligibility).

When you need immediate funds to carry out an urgent home repair, you instantly start applying for home improvement loan options considering their advantages. However, there are many disadvantages of this loan, which should be taken into consideration before applying. The biggest disadvantage while applying for a bad credit home repair loan is the high-interest rate offered by most of the lenders.

If you decide to contact Loan Broker, we will search for the most affordable option available with our partner lenders. We will conduct a comprehensive search from our regulated panel of lenders and ensure that you avail the cheapest available deal. We will never force you to make a decision. You are free to take a decision.

For a person suffering from a bad credit situation, it is important to avail the most affordable loan for cash shortages. It is important to  analyse all other available alternatives before you apply for a loan.  You can contact Money Advice Service or such organisations if you need more information to clear your thoughts.