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Complaints Policy

The Loan Broker will make certain all complaints are investigated in detail, with emphasis on maintaining the confidentiality. We maintain a comprehensive and understanding policy, with the purpose to offer the customers fair and holistic range of services.

How complaints are dealt with
The complaint will be addressed depending on its nature and diversity. It is forwarded to:

Delivery Partners – Complaints are made to the Delivery Partner on the matters relating to any aspect of the services such as: received up to the funds being released to the customer, or post loan drawdown support. If the complaint has relevance to loan administration e.g. Direct Debit collection, it will be directed to the company issuing the loan documentation.

Loan Broker – On all matters related to information or communication provided directly by Loan Broker, the complaints are forwarded to the company on following details:

Process of submitting the complaint
The complaints can only be investigated on time, when, Loan Broker asks the complaints to be put explicitly in writing, and sent through either email or post to the suitable party, or as defined in: "How complaints are dealt with." Should you are in doubt with respect to the details of your Delivery or Finance Partner, contact Loan Broker on the details provided hereunder:

By email:
By Phone: 0203-695-6207

We review your records in detail and provide the information needed.

It is mandatory for the complaints to have following information:

• Contact details of the complainant (including postal and e-mail address).
• The complaint details, including any dates, if known.
• Any significant evidence in support of the claims.

Unidentified complaints are not accepted or looked into, in general. However, all such complaints are likely put under investigation, where it seems possible, and will be acted upon at Loan Broker's prudence.

Financial Ombudsman Service
The complaints are searched with intention of addressing them directly, though we acknowledge that you may be dissatisfied with the result provided by the party you referred to in the first instance, or wish to escalate the matter at the start. On such occasions, you save the right of going with the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). It is advisable here that FOS may refer the matter to the appropriate party to resolve if you have not engaged with that party in the first instance.

Further information in respect of the complaints can be had from the website:

Additional information
The complaint procedures highlighted above aim towards to create a positive approach to complaints and treat customers with intention of resolving their queries. Complaint records will be kept on file for a period of three years for complying with the FCA requirements. Loan Broker will co‐operate with any official investigations and ask for information from the appropriate authorities. The procedure here will not grant any contractual rights whatsoever.

The Policy and Procedure are likely revised on various times. Loan Broker will not reimburse any fees, expenses or cost involved to make the complaint noticeable to us.

Complaints not covered under this policy
The Complaints Policy is, however, not valid for issues, which are otherwise the part of any legal action against Loan Broker. Furthermore, Loan Broker has all the rights to undertake appropriate action for protecting itself from any unfounded, malicious or vexatious allegations or complaints. It should be noted here that all untrue allegations are liable for defamation proceedings.

Nothing as seen or highlighted in the scope of Complaints Policy should be interpreted to restrict any rights of redress conferred upon the complainant, in the law.

Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions
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European Online Dispute Resolution Platform
In relation to your complaint you can also request a review from the European Online Dispute Resolution platform. (



Loan Broker does not charge any fees. If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be from Loan Broker and request you to make a payment, report to We are aware that there is an ongoing scam that extensively uses the Loan Broker. This has nothing to do with our company, and we have no association whatsoever in direct or indirect way with the scams.

All loan deals, quotes and financial promotions are subject to lenders requirements and approval. Loan Broker has no role in it.

The approval of Loans & Quotes is subjected to Credit Score and Affordability requirements by lenders. If you meet the lender's criterion, you can borrow the money. We as a broker make an attempt to process your application and introduce you to most suitable lenders in our panel.

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